Our Upcoming UK Adventures

At TREKS & TIARAS all of our adventures are about creating a more confident, capable you!

Each of these holidays can be tailored - with dates and details of route and accomodation - to suit your preferences. Where possible we use female guides and porters, however due to lack there may be some instances where we will use the services of male guides and porters.

So contact us to help us create an adventure that will spark your passion and empower you to believe that anything is possible....

Reserve Your Place

Ben Nevis - 1 Day
(join us at the start point)

¬†Ben Nevis​ - 4 Days

Snowdon - 3 Days

Lake District- 1 Day
(join us at the start point)

Lake District- 2 days
(join us at the start point)

Snowdon - 1 Day
(join us at the start point)