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Memorial Trek

Join us on  Karma Nirvana’s fundraising trek on Saturday 8th July, to Whernside, Yorkshire (one of the three Peaks) to honour the memory of victims murdered in ‘honour’ killings by their families.

Karma Nirvana is a British human rights charity based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. They specialise in supporting male and female victims of forced marriage and honour based abuse. Karma Nirvana run a national helpline offering direct support and guidance to victims and professionals. They also provide training to the Police, NHS and Social Services, lobby the government, act as expert witnesses in court, speak out in schools and attend events nationally and internationally to raise awareness.


On 14th July every year, we hold a national day of remembrance for male and female victims of ‘honour’ killings who were murdered by their families for bringing so called ‘dishonour’ and ‘shame.’

On July 14th, we remember Shafilea and all the victims who have been murdered for simply living their life. Karma Nirvana thank you for supporting the trek and we look forward to reaching the peak with you all and paying homage to the honourable human beings we have sadly lost.

The Route: Our walk starts at Ribblehead from a parking area just yards north of where the B6479 meets the B6255 (SD 766793). The B6255 is the road which runs from the A65 at Ingleton to the A684 at Hawes. This 8 mile trek takes us to the highest point in Yorkshire at a height of 489m (1604 ft).

The trek should take between 5-6 hours. 

All participants to bring packed lunches & snacks for the day plus plenty of water to last the duration of the hike.

Before you start your walk, make sure you are properly prepared. The most important item is proper footwear.  Trainers are not suitable footwear for this path as it can become very slippery when wet. A Kit list along with a trekking fitness plan will be sent out upon registration.

So get your walking boots on and join us in the memorial trek to remembrance.

Like the case of Shafilea Ahmed (who’s birthday is on 14th July). Shafilea was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire and brought up in Warrington, Cheshire. Shafilea was 17 years old and an A* student at School. She had ambitions to study Law and become a Barrister. Shafilea’s parents had a different plan for her future and disapproved of Shafilea being a normal adolescent i.e. wearing makeup, wearing western dress; socialising with friends. Shafilea was taken to Pakistan aged 16 where she was due to be forced into marriage with a male relative. In an attempt to escape the forced marriage, Shafilea consumed bleach and ended up being flown back to the UK where she was on a hospital ward for several weeks.

No one questioned Shafilea’s suicide attempt and although she reported to five statutory agencies (including Education, Police, Housing) she wasn’t listened to or believed. As a result, Shafilea was murdered by her parents in September 2003 at their family home in Warrington. She was suffocated in front of her siblings to send a message to them in regards to what happens when you are seen to be ‘dishonouring the family.’ In 2012, justice prevailed and Shafilea’s parents were sentenced to life in prison.

Please note that this event involves sustained physical exertion. Prior to registering you must be satisfied that you are fit to take part in the challenge and that there are no medical conditions which would or should reasonably preclude your participation. If in doubt you must consult your Doctor.

Please note this walk is not suitable for children under 10 years of age, and so will not be permitted to take part.

Please contact us if you would like us to arrange accomodation for either yourself or a family / team.
Karma Nirvana
Whernside Memorial Trek

Sat 08th July 2017


Min Karma Nirvana suggested Sponsorship / person £50 or all donations welcome to raise funds.

Karma Nirvna fundraising page where friends can sponsor you. Fundraising couldn't be easier!

Click on the logo for further details of the work the charity does.