Welcome to Treks & Tiaras

Have you ever wanted to try something new didn’t feel brave enough to venture out of your comfort zone? Have you ever wanted to go somewhere and adventure with like-minded women? Have you ever felt that you needed a personal challenge – but allowed fear to stop you from achieving it?

Trekking helped me at a time when I was suffereing from an identity crisis, when I had no self belief and through my treks I realised I was capable of so much more than I thought and I used that to build up my self esteem, what I learnt from the treks I applied to my personal life, so this is something that I would like to pass that on to other women.

I realised that It’s important to challenge ourselves, to face our fears and push our boundaries, to get out of our comfort zone and to ensure that we embrace life and make it larger each and every day. Life is a precious gift and to live it other than to its full potential would be a waste of this gift.

At the root of TREKS & TIARAS, is the purpose to encourage women to do and achieve things that they normally wouldn’t, to get out of their comfort zone and push themselves in ways that they have not done in the past….if they can climb mountains and hike on long, arduous treks, then we believe that this can empower women into going on and achieving so much more in other areas of their life, where they may think they cannot succeed.

At TREKS & TIARAS our aim is to help women empower themselves through adventure & travel. If you don’t try you will never know…and with that in mind we believe that we can do anything!

From day trips to weekends away,  from a weekend trekking in the mountains in the UK to week-long adventures overseas, whether in the Himalayas, climbing Kilimanjaro and much more, we have an adventure to excite you. All of our adventures include days of workshops looking at our beliefs, fears etc...bascially what stops us from achieving.

Our trips are designed for any woman (who may be frazzled with day to day life, feel they have lost their identity, mums, wives, business women, sisters, women going through divorce etc), of all ages and level of experience.

So, TREKS & TIARAS is a community for women who seek travel, adventure and exercise all in the one package….so, come join us on an adventure (or two, or three….)​

The Journey
At TREKS & TIARAS we believe life is something to be lived to the fullest. We believe that through adventure and by pushing ourselves outwith our comfort zone can empower us to achieve whatever we set our hearts and minds to.  Its about finding that magic that we all have within us !
 When you embark on an adventure with TREKS & TIARAS you will be joined by a small group of like-minded women, from different backgrounds, different cultures and each with their own reasons and expectations for doing the trips. You will forever be a part of the TREKS & TIARAS community forging friendships begun on the trips and lasting long after they are finished.
The trips that we embark on will be tough,  and at times full of trials, pain & challenges requiring a feat of endurance and stamina . They will test you to your core. At TREKS & TIARAS you will always have someone who has been through the journey themselves and conquered it,  helping and guiding you on this mental, emotional & spiritual journey.  They will help you with support, encouragement & will challenge you on your journey to find your magic!!